LSU's dismal season ends in fittingly disgraceful fashion


At halftime of his team's humiliating 71-38 loss to top-seeded Texas A&M in Saturday's SEC semifinals, LSU coach Johnny Jones reacted to a question about his team's energy level in unbelievable style.
"I believe we've got terrific energy," Jones told ESPN sideline press reporter Shannon Spake.
Jones must have been watching a different team than everybody else because LSU was neither excellent nor energetic at any point in the very first half. The Tigers trailed by 22 points at halftime, went 13 minutes without a field goal and in some way managed to tape not a single help.
Maybe Jones communicated his complete satisfaction with LSU's energy level to his players in the halftime locker room because they came out simply as passionless and lethargic in the 2nd half. The Tigers trailed by as many as 40 points with less than three minutes to go en path to scoring the fewest points by one team in a Division I basketball video game this season.
Such a disappointing performance would be unintelligible under any situations from a team with the future No. 1 draft choice and a skilled supporting cast. That it also was available in a game LSU needed to win to keep its NCAA tournament hopes alive makes it a lot more amazing.
Winning the SEC competition was LSU's last-gasp chance to restore a frustrating season and aid Ben Simmons prevents the infamy of failing to take his group to the NCAA tournament. The last No. 1 choice to play in college however never reach an NCAA tournament was Minnesota's Mychal Thompson method back in 1978.
LSU caught a break capturing 12th-seeded Tennessee in the SEC quarterfinals instead of fifth-seeded Vanderbilt, but the Tigers provided essentially no resistance Saturday afternoon. In addition to shooting 20.6 percent from the field against Texas A&M's stout defense, LSU likewise missed 8 of its 15 nasty shots and did not have a single player score more than 10 points.
In a lot of ways, it was a fitting ending to a season that started with excellent promise but will be kept in mind as an excellent dissatisfaction.
Simmons acquired fancy highlights and video game-like numbers throughout his lone year in Baton Rouge, but his 19.4 points and 11.8 rebounds per video game didn't translate into team success. LSU suffered bad losses to the likes of Charleston, Houston, Wake Forest, NC State and Marquette in non-league play and never ever genuinely recovered yoyoing in between a precarious perch on the bubble and the fringes of the NCAA tournament hunt after that.
While LSU's defensive concerns have received much analysis as has the way in which Jones used Simmons, neither of those are the most disconcerting part of the Tigers' season. Much worse is the fact that Jones and his staff couldn't seem to inspire their gamers to care even as their NCAA tournament hopes were slipping even more and further away.
The sleepiness appeared in numerous late-season SEC losses and it was glaring Saturday afternoon. Two wins away from making the NCAA tournament and salvaging their season, the Tigers couldn't be troubled to apply a real effort.

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Why lots of Nigerians flock to Houston, US Ex NTA Beauty gal Comfort Okoronkwo


Few weeks earlier, Comfort Okoronkwo jetted out of the nation to America; she was carrying on with her life, after recently retiring from her employment at the Nigerian Television Authority. Regarded as among the glamour women NTA has produced over the years, Comfort has landed at Houston-based African Broadcasting Network (ABS) in USA, where along with the Chairman of ABN, Paul Arowolo, they are promoting the voice of Africa in Houston, America. Convenience, who is currently in the nation and shuttling in between Lagos and Abuja, told Paul Ukpabio, in this interview, the change that took her out of NTA. She likewise shared her remarkable moments and how fashion, glamour and television are inter-related.

What has been taking place to you lately? Have you re-located from Nigeria?

I simply retired from NTA, and no, I have not transferred from Nigeria.
What took place to the NTA years? All of a sudden, your fans just didn’t see you at NTA once again.
In the year 2005, I was transferred from NTA Cannel 10 to NTA Awka till 2008 when I went to NTA College for 18 months to study. After my course at NTA TV College, the General Manager of NTA International, Chief Mrs Ngozi Nssien, requested that I be transferred to her station, NTA International, due to my efficiency when I was there for I.T.

Now, we hear of ABN, what is ABN all about?

ABN is African Broadcasting Network Television, Channel 15.9. It is one of the leading native TV stations operating in Houston, Texas, determined to offer excellent tv broadcasting through the promo of our culture and values.

How is the television station going to pertain to Nigerian audiences?

The TELEVISION station will matter by showing activities of Nigerians in the Diaspora and equally upgrading them with what federal government is doing back home to relieve the standard of living of Nigerians. They will also be educated on the policies, especially, the ones that impact them.

Nigeria has lots of culture and tradition to provide, how can Nigerian creative people key into the ABN dream?

They can key into the ABN dream simply by coming up with fascinating, entertaining and helpful programs that tell the Nigerian story. In essence, they can be found in by providing material for the T.V station. Just as I have actually gotten Ifeanyi Dike to air Igbokwenu, Evelyn Obahor in London, revealing her program, The Justeve Show and Adebola Atoloye Edmans revealing her program, Dbol Show.

So exactly what function are you playing in ABN?

I play diverse roles. You might describe me as their consultant, and also a representative here in Nigeria.

Inform us about some of the countries you have taken a trip to, any memories?

Well, twice I have travelled to China, the first go to was an invitation by the Chinese federal government to Journalists from Nigeria and Kenya to visit China and the second was for a workshop on digitization, since I was currently producing a program, DIGITV, sensitizing people on the migration to digital broadcasting on NTA Network. I completely enjoyed both journeys to China as we checked out some intriguing locations like the Great Wall of China, Chinese Vegetable Museum, a power plant, petro-chemical Company, Beijing Exhibition Hall, and workplaces of some ministers.

Do you miss NTA?

To a level, what I truly miss out on is the directing of Live Grade A Broadcast events. Directing, be it live occasions or studio based, keeps you on your toes, being that you, the director, are telling stories with the shots you take.

We hear that Nigerians are all over Houston, exactly what makes Houston a unique location for Nigerians?

I will say the weather condition. Houston’s weather condition is temperate: Not extremely cold and not really hot. It could be as compared to the weather of Jos.

You have been a successful career woman, so let’s ask you, which is better, being a homemaker or a career woman?

You cannot say one is better than the other. Some homemakers are also excellent profession women, who probably work from home. The important thing is preserving a balance between the home and the Job.

Can you explain yourself?

I am a God-fearing person, humble, friendly, and an extrovert, who is reputable and magnificently and fearfully created by God (Laughs).

As a career woman, do you still find time to do lady s things like going into the cooking area to cook?

A real Efik woman teaches her children the best ways to cook right from a childhood. And yes I still cook up till tomorrow. In truth that’s one of my pastimes, cooking.

Exactly what is your view about style and how do you describe style?

Well, fashion is all right as long as you are comfortable in whatever you are using.

Exactly what is your style? What kinds of clothes do you like wearing?

I put on to truly have a specific design. When I wasn’t as endowed as I am now (laughs), I used trousers and tops. Now, I feel extremely comfortable in Kaftans and any clothes that is free around by body, so to speak.

What identifies the clothes you wear in a day?

That is determined by the celebration, and after that the weather.

What fashion accessories like necklaces, wristwatches will you not do without?

I can do without any.

In what ways would you say that style is relevant to today’s woman?

Well, today’s woman wishes to be trendy, sometimes wear exactly what is in style but the bottom line in style is personal, exactly what you think about fashionable might not thrill me.

How do you explain success?

For me, success is relative; being self- adequate is having adequate money to take care of your immediate requirements as well as connecting to individuals, especially those in requirement.

What do you value most?

Oh, I value my name. I value my integrity.

How about household?

I have a good, great, caring, and trustworthy family.

You have had the ability to combine a career with domesticity successfully?

Yes, the trick is just maintaining a balance and setting your priorities.

If you were not exactly what you are now, what else would you have enjoyed to be?

I had actually wanted to be a flight assistant. If I weren’t what I am now, I would have started as a flight attendant.

Are you fulfilled?

To the glory of God, yes: The potter is still at work in my life.
Inform us a couple of things you remember about your childhood and a couple of you keep in mind about your moms and dads.
My youth was excellent: I was enjoyed. My mum loved me but a stringent woman. I can’t really discuss my daddy as he died when my mother was 3 months pregnant of me.

TV characters are considered attractive, exactly what does beauty mean to you? When should a woman be attractive?

To me beauty is putting your finest foot forward. Wearing something that will enhance your God-given characteristics makes you glamorous. Well, you can be attractive at all times, especially when you are going for an event.

How do you invest your holiday?

I invest my vacation sleeping, viewing movies, and checking out pals; Doing the things I were to have time to do when I’m working.

Do you have memories of a particular vacation you take pleasure in?

Yes, my trip to London, my visit to the CNN Centre and the Great Wall of China.

What influences you?

God motivates me. My environment likewise influences me.

What does make-up mean to you?

Makeup is all about improving your facial look, specifically in our line of business that is part of being attractive for TV.

How do you relax or take tension off? Do you dance?

I love to enjoy my favorite program on TELEVISION, Crime and Investigation. I likewise dance to remove tension and read novels.

What do you think of life?

I believe we are all put here worldwide for a purpose. God created us for a function, which is mainly to please our maker, God, constantly remaining in fellowship with Him and introducing and leading others to Him.

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An overview of the Final 4 in Houston


March Madness lived up to its billing with all those upsets, crazy surfaces and unforgettable performances. Now that the calendar is counting on April, it's time for the main event: North Carolina, Oklahoma, Villanova and Syracuse in the Final Four. Houston, here they come and it figures to be rather a show.
To obtain you prepared, we've got a rundown of the matchups, the leading teams and gamers before the video games start on Saturday:
Oklahoma vs. Villanova - These groups fulfilled previously in the season and the Sooners turned it into a laugher behind a barrage of 3-pointers, making 14 behind the arc in the 78-55 win. Anticipate this one to be much better and more amusing. Syracuse vs. North Carolina - Fail to figure out how to stop North Carolina inside and the Tar Heels could sweep into the title game.
Pal Hield, Oklahoma. Don't know who Buddy Buckets is, you have not been following college hoops or sports, for that matter. Brice Johnson, North Carolina. All-American is a match nightmare on offense and has actually ended up being a shot-blocking threat late in the season.
Josh Hart, Villanova. On a team with no real stars, Hart sticks out because of how difficult he plays on every play. Michael Gbinije, Syracuse. Need a basket, rebound, help or steal? He's the male for the Orange.
Marcus Paige, North Carolina. His senior season hasn't lived up to his requirements; however Paige is peaking at simply the correct time has actually made a big shot or 2 in his profession. Kris Jenkins, Villanova. Wildcats' second-leading scorer can fill it up from long range.
Isaiah Cousins, Oklahoma - The perfect backcourt enhance to Hield, he can shoot and is the Sooners' best boundary protector. Malachai Richardson, Syracuse. Scored 21 second-half points against one of the country's finest defenses (Virginia), that’s respectable.
Roy Williams, North Carolina. Hall of Famer varies for his third nationwide title. Jim Boeheim, Syracuse. Was suspended the season's in the very first 9 games season for NCAA violations and may have done the very best coaching job of his Hall of Fame profession after he came back.
Lon Kruger, Oklahoma - Only coach to take five schools to the NCAA Tournament eyeing his first title. Jay Wright, Villanova - Proved the critics wrong by getting the Wildcats to the final dance after all those early exits as high seeds.
8_Final Four looks by Roy Williams, with Kansas and North Carolina.
10_Syracuse's seed in the NCAA Tournament making the Orange the first No. 10 and fourth double digits seed to reach the Final Four. 13_Losses by Syracuse this season, most by a Final Four group since Wisconsin and North Carolina in 2000. 16_North Carolina is typical margin of success in four NCAA Tournament online games.
19_Times the Tar Heels have reached the Final Four. This is North Carolina's first since 2009. 22_Years since Lon Kruger last coached in the Final Four, with Florida. 29.3 _ Hield's scoring average in the NCAA Tournament.
2,835 _ Combined triumphs by the four Final Four coaches.

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